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Welcome to Civil Requiem! We are a MCU RPG set in the wake of S.H.I.E.L.D's data dump with a unique twist on the Manhattan incident and it's consequent fallout. Check the plot for more details and enjoy your stay!

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Curiosity Kills
ROBERTO REYES  //  Jun 24 2017, 01:02 AM

Queens lights up the night and challenges the shadows that sprawl out towards her from Manhattan. Despite the curfew, this corner of New York remains a bustling party scene and actively challenges what lurks in the dark.

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Industrial and suburban, Staten Island closes it's eyes to what is going on around it and pretends that nothing is really all that different. Home of the cynical and privileged, the largest change in this borough is her suspicious quiet toward the increasing mutant population - indicating, perhaps, that Staten Island understands more than it wants to.

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Rife with slums and urban decay, the Bronx has an apocalyptic feel these days as the half demolished buildings have gained an eerie sheen when New York's unusual stars come out to play. It's said that heroes and villains alike have no ground here, where the landscape shifts and buildings can completely disappear in the blink of an eye, but the locals carry on like it's all the same as it ever was.

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Home of infamous ghost stories and urban legends long before New York City became a supernatural hotbed, Westchester county has not been left untouched by the shadows - in fact, macabre events have been occurring at alarming rates in various small villages within the municipality, all tying back to the creatures that come from the stars. Careful to keep it from getting sensationalised, Westchester keeps the evil quiet and works to eradicate it on her own.

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