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 school for mutants huh, tag; open
 Posted: Jun 9 2017, 06:41 PM


Nicknames / Captain America

Age / 96

Occupation / Avengers


FC / Chris Evans


Nyx / Pacific / she/her

He had come to the school on a whim really. He had learned about mutants months ago now, or longer he wasn't sure anymore, but he had just never had a reason to come see the school that was set up for them by one of their own. He had even meet the man himself already, well not in person but the man had welcomed him telepathically which was a strange experiences. Steve hadn't liked the thought of mental powers. But he had been welcomed to the school, and was allowed to just walk the grounds as students were in classes and once they were out he would be getting pulled every way by them. Even mutants seemed to like Captain America.

The kids were lucky, truly, Xavier clearly cared about these kids and would provide for them as much as he could and keep them safe. He was a good man, even Steve could see that. His mutation was the only thing that worried Steve, mind control like what the professor had seemed too dangerous especially at the man's level or at least what Steve had heard was his level. Mutants, though. It was amazing, to think there was an evolution to regular humans which gave them abilities. Almost made Steve wonder if it had been a reaction to the experiments people were going through to enhance themselves, but mutants didn't seem to be a new thing so maybe it was due to something else that he wasn't aware of yet.

He came upon the gardens, or they seemed to be, and smiled as he looked out over the amazing looking grounds. everything here seemed so peaceful. It was nice, and clearly a good environment for the students.

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