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 Attempts at Rebranding [open]
 Posted: Jun 15 2017, 01:42 PM


Nicknames / Robbie

Age / 27

Occupation / Mechanic

Single /

FC / Gabriel Luna


North / Mt / He/him

Robbie and the Rider didn't always get along. The Rider's thirst for vengeance and Robbie's need for a life that was more than a constant fight put them at odds with each other. But there were some things they could agree on, like neo-Nazi’s needing a beat down. Oh sure, Hydra had done a nice job of rebranding themselves; new name, new logo, new colors, new strategy, but their fear mongering rhetoric was still the same.

So when Robbie saw a handful of men in front of their half finished skull and tentacles tag shove some lady, he quickly found a place to pull off the road and park Lucy. He paused long enough to grab the tire iron from the trunk, having no interest in making this fight even remotely fair. If it had been two in the morning rather than seven in the evening he would have gone in as the Ghost Rider and really made short work of this.

Quickly hurrying back down the street, Robbie kept the tire iron at his side in hopes of making it less conspicuous. Once he was closer, Robbie put two fingers in his mouth and let out a shrill whistle to get their attention. “Hey! This your work?” With his free hand Robbie pointed at the half done Hydra symbol. The five guys looked over at him before their leader answered. “Yeah, what about it? Like it?” He looked so smug and proud of it and Robbie gave the guy a smile filled with teeth and promises of pain. “Yeah, I do. But I think it’ll look better when I make a few changes to it.” A flaming skull would look far better than one with tentacles.

By than Robbie had reached the group, giving them a quick look over before swinging the tire iron at the leader’s face and doing his best to ruin those perfectly straight teeth.
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