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Welcome to Civil Requiem! We are a MCU RPG set in the wake of S.H.I.E.L.D's data dump with a unique twist on the Manhattan incident and it's consequent fallout. Check the plot for more details and enjoy your stay!

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 you remind me, @open
 Posted: Jun 1 2017, 10:53 PM


Nicknames / Ry

Age / 33

Occupation / ER Nurse

taken-ish /

FC / patrick stump


Trixie / EST / She/Her

The day time still felt safe. Ryland could find a stranger comfort in that. He remembered 10 years ago, when he had first moved to NYC, settling down in a small apartment that he shared with two other men. The rent was outrageous, the apartment was small, and he had thought it was absolutely horrible. But it was close to a subway stop that took him to and from his job. At night, when he would get off from his shift, he used to walk through the park as a shortcut. Back then he didn't think anything of it. Now he knew better than to do that.<p>

But the day time still felt safe and, so long as the streets didn't change too much, Ryland knew exactly where he was. Central Park was somewhere that was constant. Or so he liked to think. It was a nice spring day, the warm weather slowly creeping into the temperatures that would be joining them for the summer. His jacket had been left at his apartment back in Brooklyn, his clothing of choice a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. A baseball cap covered his hair and his sneakers made barely any noise as Ryland walked along the familiar sidewalks. His gaze fell over the lake and he stopped for a moment, thinking. How could something look so normal and so peaceful when everything was changing around it? You would think that by now Ryland would be used to this. He doubted if that would ever be the case. This was intense. It was terrifying. Chance and Magnolia were his only hold on the old realities that he held so dear.<p>

His fixation on the lake starting to fade, Ryland began forward again in his walk, his eyes not yet leaving the sparkling water. It was only a few steps from his beginning point that he made contact with another body. A noise of surprise left him - or maybe it was the other person - as Ryland blinked and steadied himself, looking to the person he had so recklessly walked into. <b>"I'm sorry. My mind... it was somewhere else. I'm sorry."</b>
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